Legal Issues With Mr R Jena

Being the good citizen that l am, one day on my way from the Middleburg court, l found myself offering transport to a lady who was standing by a hiking spot on her way to Bethal. Five minutes into the journey, we were chatting gaily about the unpredictable weather when the lady received a message on her phone. Through the rear view mirror l saw her throwing the phone on the vacant seat and her face threatened to go up side down in tears. Sympathetic enquiries from me and my colleague showed that this lady was employed at a local engineering firm as a welder but for the eight odd months that she had been with this company, she was continually subjected to nude and partially nude pictures posted by her male co-workers in common areas, through Bluetooth and in places where she would have to encounter them, including her tools box. The men referred to Philisiwe(not her real name) as “baby,” “sugar,” “momma,” and “sweety.” In addition, the men wrote obscene words directed at the victim all over the plant. The men also made numerous suggestive and offensive remarks to the victim concerning her body and the pictures of a voluptuous black lady posted on the walls. She had had lodged complaints about this atmosphere of harassment on a number of occasions, but the company’s supervisory personnel provided little or no assistance and this was putting a strain on her marriage. Quitting the job was not an option because she was the bread winner but these happenings at the work place were also draining her emotionally and psychologically.


Posted on

2nd July 2017